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Newly rediscovered grave in Brick Mill Cemetery
Grave's metal marker located close to 18 inches under known surface.

Brick Mill Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina is the largest all African American Cemetery in the County.  To date, thirty Former Slaves and not-less-than twenty-five veterans of four foriegn wars are among the indviduals buried within this graveyard.  The most recent burial was conducted in October 2014.
Once thought to maintain an area of 250 feet by 65 feet has been expanded through the efforts of the exclusive caretaker and historian, Jack Robinson.  His research suggests the current overall space is closer to 350 x 90 feet, with yet a larger area of the thickest surrounding overgrown foliage still remaining to be explored. 
As of March 2008, confirmed burials total not-less-than 900 but, Jack and other local historians feel that a more accurate account will be closer to 1100.  This would include the nearly fifty forgotten children, who died under the age of three, such as still born, TB and other sicknesses, or from an untimely accident.
Jack's independent work, hopefully, will in time expose the thickest of foliage overgrowth surrounding the cemetery, and if present, some of the oldest of graves, which may pre-date 1900.
Help support this ongoing project, if you can.   Brenda Cheney, mother of Ssgt. Anthony Goodwin, (U.S. Marine Corps), Iraq War, KIA, Bronze Star receipient plays a significant role in supporting and promoting Jack's work.  
Brenda's son, Anthony, initiated within Onslow County, his personal desire to locate abandoned cemeteries and then stablilize them.  Special attention was always given to graves of former veterans, slaves and individuals who played vital roles within their local communities. 
Anthony had often stated that these long over due preservation projects needed to be done " give respect, honor, and credit to all individuals buried within the cemeteries." 
As veterans of our nation's wars are confirmed within these and future located endangered cemeteries, an American flag is placed beside the grave (many without headstones) and a few moments of prayer are said.  Anthony did this and his tradition is being carried on to this day--in his honor.
Together, Brenda and Jack are continuing his mission...Please join us in our efforts to preserve endangered cemeteries.

image at top of this page, after stablilizing.
Each section of the BMC will have various "replaced" headstones. Section "B" will have wood markers.

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Brick Mill Cemetery appearance during first visit.
Date: December 2006

Another section of BMC at time of first visit.
Date: December 2006

Images in relation to Resurrection Mission preservation projects. (all images are copyrighted)

For the most part, Jack has cleaned Brick Mill Cemetery by himself, at his own expense and physical labor.  One day direct descendents of the Farrow ancestry, laid to rest within the cemetery, came to help with the cleanup (see image below).  
The Farrow family have always taken great pride in caring for their ancestors' graves.  Family members come often to the B.M.C. to maintain their real and artificial flowers, neatness of their plot, and to say a few words to their loved ones.
Note:  Since the below image was taken the area behind the two gentleman has been 80% cleared through Jack's efforts.  He has removed much of the visible foliage over growth seen in the background  of this photograph and reclaimed an area that evidence suggests may contain an excess of one hundred graves (confirmed by a second historian).

Two direct descendents help cleanup BMC.
Date: February 2007

Brick Mill Cemetery as it appears February 2008.
"Before and After" images of the Brick Mill Cemetery.

Additional Onslow County cemeteries being cared for and researched exclusively by Jack Robinson, through Resurrection  Mission:
Petteway Cemetery--largest all African American "Family" cemetery within Onslow County.  Not-less-then 125 graves of family members have been laid to rest in this cemetery with the most recent being conducted in September 2009.
Diggs Cemetery--Second largest all African American "community" cemetery within Onslow County.
Parker/Mills Cemetery--All African American family cemetery. Dates to ca.1880.
Petteway Cemetery--Small, all Caucacian family cemetery-- Adjacent to African American Petteway family cemetery and were the original Plantation owners of African American Petteway ancesters.
Montford Cemetery--All African American family cemetery (Swansboro, N.C.).
Toutle Cemetery--All African American family cemetery-- is the final resting place of the only known African American Spanish-American War veteran known to exist, from Onlsow County, N.C.  Located on outskirts of Swansboro, N.C., deep within a section of thick over grown forest.
Haggert Family Cemetery--Caucacian--Family cemetery just outside the town of Richlands, N.C.  Within this cemetery the first Mayor of Richlands (ca.1880) and, based only on oral history, the first females (sisters) who graduated from now Duke University (ca.1880) are buried. Before any fallen headstones can be recovered to substatiate these claims, there is over six inches of mulch and debris needing to be removed, before reaching the "original" ground surface.
Half Moon Cemetery--Caucacian--Now surrounded by "urban sprawl," with newest home inches from "known" boundry of cemetery.  Located on outskirts of Jacksonville, N.C.  Not less then two Civil War Veterans were buried in the Half Moon cemetery.  Evidence suggest more than 100 individuals were laid to rest in the Half Moon Cemetery.
Coswell Family Cemetery--Caucacian--Another cemetery, among many throughout Onslow County, North Carolina, surrounded by encrouching homes and businesses.  Surrounded by chain-linked fence, this cemetery contain not-less-then thirty graves.
Strange/Baker Family Cemetery--Caucacian--Dates to the late 18th Century and is where one of the first educators within Onslow county is buried.  Located by accident by county water preservation crews, this cemetery contains not-less-then 100 graves, many with original wooden markers. 
Pearce/Pierce Family Cemetery--Caucacian--Not known to exist when the same county crews who located the Strange/Baker graveyard.  This graveyard is the final resting place of George Washington Pearce [Pierce] family members.
Link to books written by Jack Robinson:

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