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Brenda Cheney is now offering, for sale, the following items:
 Veterans'  Memorial Stockings
--Remember a Vet. with a special gift--
--Handcrafted from authentic military attire--
Your gift will become a family Heirloom.
Scroll down page to see examples of stockings.
Profits from her sales will benenfit Jack in his ongoing efforts to preserve and research southeastern North Carolina Cemeteries.  His cemetery projects are expanding.  Brenda feels that in helping Jack, he will continue the mission that her son, Anthony, started.
Contact Brenda for list of prices and mailing options at
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Ssgt. Anthony Goodwin, U.S. Marine Corps
All geared up and ready to go, during his second tour in Iraq (2003)

A fallen veteran who will not be forgotten.
Killed in action during 3rd tour in Iraq, receipient of Bronze Star w/ Valor (May 2005)


Ssgt. Anthony's mother, Brenda, and his friend Jack continue his mission in seeking out, stabilizing and caring for forgotten cemeteries.  Anthony is always with us in Spirit and guides us through the woods and thickest of brier bush and overgrowth to locate cemeteries.
As of this date, Brenda and Jack are maintaining seven cemeteries within Onslow County, North Carolina (southeastern region).  Each hold veterans who have been forgotten not only by the general public but, also by the veteran's own family members.
One African American veteran of the Spanish-American War, James Blackwell, Pvt, U.S. Army, is the only African American veteran of this specific war ever known to exist within Onslow County.  Before Ssgt. Goodwin's mission and the help of Jack and Brenda, Private Blackwell had never been "officially" recognized, until 2007, for his service to his country. 

African American S-A War Veteran (ca.1898)
Pvt. Blackwell was finally publically recognized during a lecture, to a group of prominate citizens.


Craft show hosted by Brenda Cheney
Stockings being sold help to remember our "forgotten" veterans of past and present Wars.

Brenda Cheney places a flag by a WWII Vet's grave
Brenda, with Jack Robinson, continues to "carry on" her son's mission to locate "forgotten" vets.

Pick a special stocking for your veteran
These stockings will be a family treasured item

Pick from various material
US Marine Corps--"O. D." style

Pick from various material
US Coast Guard--"O. D." style

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A question has become a mission.
Jack Robinson places a flag next to an African American grave, "Died in France1918," was he a vet?

Pick from various material
US Army--"Cammie" style

African American Veteran's grave recently located
If not for the once fallen metal name plate (now shown) over time this grave would be lost.

Please purchase a stocking or two from Brenda.  If you do not have a veteran within your immediate family, donate a few to your local VFW or DAV organizations.  A U.S.O. (United Servicemen (and -women) Organization) near you would also be a great place to buy and donate a stocking or two.
Thank you for supporting our troops and this cemetery preservation project.
Jack and Brenda

Anthony Goodwin, Ssgt., U.S.M.C., KIA (in picture)
Brenda (L) Anthony (Center in picture) brother Greg (R) at unvailing of picture of fallen Marines.

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Resurrection Mission can now receive gratutious gifts, to include gift cards.

 Resurrection Mission-Cemetery Preservation


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