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Preserving once abandoned cemeteries
Reclaiming a lost piece of local heritage!

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Anthony Goodwin, Ssgt., U.S. Marine Corps
His mission: To locate and preserve cemeteries, in order to recognize "forgotten" fallen veterans.

Resurrection Mission is not a "Not-For-Profit" organization and staff member(s) conduct all aspects of operations from personal funds.

Jack Robinson, GySgt., U.S. Marine Corps retired, is a well known, respected, and an award winning historian.  He is hands-on with his volunteers, friends and associates as they are guided through the principles of how to preserve endangered cemeteries. 

Through a group effort, unique pieces of a community's history become reveiled.  In some cases a hundred years has passed without the community even knowing of a significant moment of their town's history that is rediscovered through Jack and his friend's efforts.

Jack also uses his research of the various cemeteries to develop articles, stories, lectures and books that he publishes.  He does the majority of his preservation projects at his own expense and does the entire physical aspects of work that is demanded in such a delicate process of caring for and preserving a vital part of a local community's heritage. 

When volunteers are assisting, they are properly supervised by Jack.  He also realizes, however, that he will never be fully compensated for his time, labor, and finacial burden,  that dominates the cemetery preservation process.  Monies is not the issue, preserving endangered cemeteries is the reason Jack does what he does. 

Jack will highlight three all African American cemeteries where he is primary, exclusive caretaker and on-site historian.  In addition, Caucacian cemeteries will also be discussed.  All of the endangered cemeteries are located in southeastern North Carolina on private and secluded land that is not accessable to the general public (Tours through Jack, are available upon request). 

 Many of these cemeteries predate the twentieth century, one of which is the largest all African American "family" cemetery within Onslow county.  Another all African American cemetery appears to be the largest "Community" cemetery of its type within the same county.

Jack was encouraged to develop these privately funded projects by his late friend, Ssgt. Anthony Goodwin, U.S. Marine Corps, KIA and Bronze Star recepient.  After his death, Anthony's mother, Brenda Cheney, and Jack continued his mission---to locate, document and then care for endangered cemeteries.  They also help educate students and local citizens on the value and need to correctly preserve cemeteries.  

An added benifit expressed and encouraged occurs when Jack conducts lectures on preserving family history, for the next generation.  Through Jack and Brenda's efforts and those of the local communities where these cemeteries are located, once endangered Hallowed Grounds are again being properly recognized and respected.

If you have any questions please contact Jack at or  or through (Please remember that any financial gratuitous gift is NOT tax deductable since Jack is NOT associated with any bonified "Not-For-Profit" Organization.   

Each dollar is extremely welcomed.  100% of gratuitous gifts goes directly to preservation costs.

Please tell your friends and associates about this site.  Donating, even a few dollars on a gift card, will help this long overdue preservation project.

With respect,

Jack Robinson, MA

GySgt., U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

Researcher of local History

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Preserving once abandoned cemeteries:

Initial visit to distressed cemetery
Forgotten former Slave headstone retrieved during preservation project.

Places to visit when you come to southeastern North Carolina.

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